CRM Software Product Assessment

Our software product assessment will ensure that you to implement the technology that is best fit for your business. Partner with our independent business analysts and take control over technology in your business.

The right software for your business

Yes, there is an app for that!

Thousands of them.

A software product for every business problem from money to marketing, people to publishing, and everything in between, up, down and sideways.

The estimated number of products in the sales, marketing and CRM categories alone, exceeds 7000.

With such massive variety in the software marketplace, how do you know which products are best for your business?

Overwhelmed with choice

Knowing which software products, you need in your business can be overwhelming. There is so much to consider.

  • Which CRM tools will meet the needs of your customers, sales team and accountant?
  • Are you collecting and managing the data you need to stay ahead in your industry?
  • How do you change or upgrade your business software, without stopping your business?

It is surprisingly easy to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on “the best” software and training, only to find yourself in place that is no better than if you did nothing at all. At the other extreme, confusion reigns, no decisions are made and nothing gets done.

Your guide out of confusion

Avoiding this situation in your business, begins with asking a different question.

How can I know with confidence, which software products are my best match?

With so many products on the market, there is very likely to be a software product that aligns closely with what you need. But, no product is perfect. In the massive world of information technology, there are always choices to make. No one system will have all the features you need.

That’s why we have simplified the process of identifying your requirements and working through the decisions that are necessary to leverage the power of these new tools of business.

Independent Software Assessment

The AGContext™ Software Assessment will match your business with the software products that are best fit for your unique needs. As an independent business analyst, Carl Sudholz specialises in software assessment for small and medium sized business. With his guidance you can gain control over your data, through our six step process of software assessment:

  1. DOCUMENT how your business works, your values, customers and more.
  2. DESCRIBE the pathway that people must take to become your customers.
  3. PRIORITISE your requirements for data and information management.
  4. DISCOVER assess and short list the software options available.
  5. DEMONSTRATE the solutions of software vendors and your technology partners.
  6. SELECT the software product/s that are the best fit for you.
Carl Sudholz - IT Consultant helping people to save time and gain control in their business.

What our clients say

“The new CRM tool that you have implemented has been everything you promised and more and has made our quoting, customer management and daily bookings one easy process so much more professional than previous, and the feedback we have got back from our customers has been extremely positive, I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone.”

Rowan Laurent, Owner – Solar Tinting Center, Wagga Wagga New South Wales

Who We Work With

Carl Sudholz is an independent business analyst who can partner with any business that requires help to improve their business systems. Carl is experienced with software assessment for a range of industries including:

IT Consultants for industry development
Independent software advice for professional services
Software Assessment for Agribusiness

We work remote

Because of the National Broadband Network, the physical location of the workplace is no longer a limitation. By working remote, we can provide you with the support your information technology initiatives. All we need is a high quality internet connection. Welcome to the new world of work!