Microsoft Excel Developer For Business

Carl Sudholz is a Microsoft Excel Developer with over 20 years experience programming Office products and Visual Basic.

Turn data into decisions.

Off the shelf software never does everything you need. For example, financial management systems like Xero or MYOB do not always enable the deep analysis and forecasting that you want. It is when you want to do something a little different that Microsoft Excel comes into its own.  This is because commercial software is designed for needs of many, rather than for your specific decisions, research or business. As your Microsoft Excel Developer we can help you fill this data management gap.

Get the insight you need

Microsoft Excel remains the market leader of business productivity software. As a core product of Microsoft Office 365 it is the most accessible, powerful and least expensive tool for crunching numbers in business. It empowers you to manage and analyse information in your own personal way. For these reasons, the humble spreadsheet continues to be fundamental to many business operations. When used well, Microsoft Excel will save you time, increase your insight and makes you money.

Your local MS Excel Developer

A little know how is needed if you want to use the advanced features of Microsoft Excel such as formulas, macros and visual basic. Carl Sudholz, is an experienced Business Analyst and Microsoft Excel Developer. He can create the lightweight data management tools that you need for your unique business needs. Together with our network of freelance developers, we can create customized Microsoft Excel applications, templates and add-ins so that you can do your job better. Our expertise also extends to building custom database tools using Microsoft Access.

Save time

We build the MS Excel workbooks to your requirements so that you spend your time doing work that really matters.

Streamline process

Move your data from here to there in seconds so that you spend less time copying data and more time analyzing it.

Inform decisions

Create spreadsheets that expose new insights and trends about your customer and financial performance.

Manage data

If your business data needs regular cleaning or transfer then a macro-enabled spreadsheet can be the ideal solution.

Custom software tools made for you

We can develop custom, easy to use and cost-effective tools in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

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