Data Integration

Data integration that seamlessly moves data from one system to another as your work flows from customer lead through to invoices paid.

Data that flows from lead to invoice

In business, we have more data that ever before. There is data about our finances, our employees, our customers, and much more.

As our businesses become more dependent on data and information, it becomes ever more important that we effectively manage the integration of data.

Data integration is the foundation of the critical business decisions that drive innovation, profit and growth. Good data management practices assist in building stronger customer relationships and dealing with internal and external business challenges.

What’s your data integration strategy

We must constant work to negate the universal rule of data – garbage in, garbage out. High quality data has and will always be the key to business success. If we do not have the right systems in place to collect and manage high quality information, the costs of technology and information management is an expense, rather than an investment.

Without a clear strategy of how we are managing our data, it becomes locked into silos of duplicate data entry and increased administrative cost. Valuable staff time is directed into low value copy and paste work, rather than more valuable sales and business development. Only a fraction of the business growing potential of your data can be unlocked.

AGContext Data Integration Service

Before you can turn your data into decisions, you must develop a strategy for doing so. How your data is integrated across your business is no accident. You need to know the systems you have and how they manage and share data.

The AGContext Data Integration service will help you to leverage the data in your customer and financial management software in order to drive the decisions that matter in your business. WE will help you to create full and semi-automated process that simplify your information management and creates insights about your customers.

As an independent IT project consultant and business analyst, Carl Sudholz specializes in customer and financial management systems for small and medium sized business. In other words, he can help you to walk the journey that aligns your platforms with your people so that you can achieve your purpose.

Carl will partner with you to:

  • Advise on new technology trends and best practice.
  • Design data strategy that aligns with your business strategy.
  • Integrate systems and automate your business process.
  • Enhance existing systems for better functionality.
  • Manage software vendors and technology partners.

Who We Work With

Carl Sudholz is an independent business analyst who can partner with any business that requires help to improve their business systems. Carl is experienced with data integration for a range of industries including:

Data integration for Retail businesses by AGContext
Data integration for industry development
Data integration for professional services
Data integration for Agribusiness

We work remote

Because of the National Broadband Network, the physical location of the workplace is no longer a limitation. By working remote, we can provide you with the support your information technology initiatives. All we need is a high quality internet connection because we use Cloud technology to manage your data integration. Welcome to the new world of work!