Independent Business Analysis Consulting

AGContext provides specialist services in business analysis to support our customers to take control over technology in their business.

Create clarity. Gain confidence.

The way your business uses information technology to manage data and process has big impact on your bottom line. Managing your information in the way you need requires that your data is aligned with your decisions. When your information technology is not well aligned, your business will not work as it should. It is essential that your investments of time and money into information technology delivers the best business outcomes. This means you must navigate your own journey of business transformation. To this end, high quality business analysis is fundamental to producing high performing business systems.

Let’s turn your data into decisions!


Independent Business Analysis

Our Business Analysis Consulting service will help you use your information technology to create value for your customers. Our independence means that we are always in your corner ensuring that you are always in control over your data.

We can help you to:

  • leverage new technology because you know your requirements.
  • streamline your processes so that you can save time.
  • create a positive customer experience due to improved business systems.
  • select the software that is best fit for your business.
  • use business analysis so that your customers always come first.
  • make informed decisions as a result of improved data and reporting.
  • protect your information from threats inside and outside your organisation.

How we work

Carl Sudholz is a Certified Business Analysis who can help you gain control over your business information.

Carl Sudholz, Certified Business Analyst

Carl Sudholz is a certified business analyst with over 10 years experience delivering information technology projects. As the Corporate Secretary of the IIBA – Australia Chapter, Carl is a leader of the business analysis profession in Australia.

Supported by his international network of professionals, Carl can help with:

  • Project planning and monitoring.
  • Software assessment and evaluation.
  • Requirement analysis and life cycle management.
  • User needs analysis, facilitation and elicitation.
  • Systems architecture and information management.
  • Technology strategy and risk analysis.

AGContext are specialists in remote and virtual work. Distance is not a barrier for accessing our specialists in customer and financial management. Our suite of tools and analysis methods allow us to support you and your projects, no matter where your business is physically located. All you need is a high quality internet connection.

Our business analysis consulting service will help you to create the clarity you need to achieve your business dreams.