Serve More Customers In Less Time

Serve More Customers In Less Time

Automate administration in your small business within 90 days so that you can serve more people from anywhere without risking your business.

Rowan from Solar Tiniting Centre in Wagga Wagga


“The way you worked with us to learn how our business operated what was required for our new system was very professional and nothing was a problem. I have no hesitation in recommending you services to anyone.”

Rowan Laurent,  Solar Tinting Centre, Wagga Wagga

Using internet software to automate administration and customer management offers huge opportunities for people in small business

Mark Bouris

Entrepreneur, Business Mentor and Chair of the Australian Government’s Small Business Task Force

Going Digital will:

  • save a small business time, allowing more time to spend on the business or with family
  • provide a small business with the flexibility and mobility to work ‘anywhere, anytime’
  • increase a small business’ revenue by reaching new customers and markets

Do these TOP CHALLENGES of 'going digital' sound familiar?

"I’m too busy running our business to think about changing our systems.”

"I’m not good with computers.”

"There are so many products, I don't know where to start"

You can overcome these excuses!

With the
AGContext Customer Automation Journey
you will go from
“I’m not good with computers”
“I don’t know how I managed this before”

The Journey is our 4 Phase method for transforming administration and process in small business. It combines the best practices from business analysis, information management and digital transformation into a controlled process for upgrading the software tools in a business with less than 100 employees.


Your mindset for digital business

The world is changing. Climate Change, Bushfires and now the COVID19-Pandemic. The world of business is changing fast. It is moving online. We are living through another transition of global industry. We are shifting from the computer revolution powered by fossil fuels into the digital revolution powered by renewable sources. This 4th Industrial Revolution means a different way of doing business. 

DISCOVER explores how you can align your mindset in business with the new ways of working in the digital economy.


Your pathway of projects for people

You cannot thrive in the digital economy if you do not have the strategy and platforms to reach and serve your customers. Finding people online is not like walking down the main street of town. You need to first know who you are looking for and why. 

Finding the best software for your business requires developing an understanding about your data and information needs. You need your own software shopping list. However, unlike Toilet Paper in the COVID19 Pandemic Crisis, there is NEVER EVER any shortage of supply of business software options. 


Platforms aligned with people

Here begins the tricky work of implementing the new software in your business. This means transferring data from your existing spreadsheets, finance and customer system into the new. We streamline and integrate the difference software platforms in your business, so they all work together. 

It’s also essential that when we DEPLOY new software for your staff to do their jobs, that they actually know how to use the new tools. That means a little bit of training. As part of this phase we facilitate and train your staff in using the new tools. 


Business systems that run without you

With your people and platforms aligned, now it is time to DRIVE sustainability and profitabiliy through your business. In this final phase we go through a process of fast and focused iteration of your business process. We iron-out the wrinkles and kinks that always exist in the early days of changing a business process.

Our aim is to leverage your data and technology so that you can transform your customer management and business administration without you needing to be a computer expert. 

We work with small business:

  • Retail, Hospitality and Entertainment
  • Agribusiness and Farm Services
  • Not For Profit and Industry Associations
  • Manufacturing and Exporters

We can help you with: 

  • Technology Strategy and Planning
  • Online Collaboration and Working Remote
  • Software Product Assessment
  • Platform Configuration and Integration


Carl Sudholz is the founder of AGContext.

As an independent Business Analyst, he specializes in customer and financial management systems for small and medium sized business. He has been working with internet software in business for almost 20 years in both Government, Corporate, Small-Business and Not-For-Profit sectors.

Carl holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Sustainable Practice. He is also a certified business analyst and the Director Secretary of the Australia Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis.

You can trust in Carl’s experience and knowledge to guide you along the journey that aligns your platforms with your people so that you can achieve your purpose in business.

As a leader who is prepared to make the big calls, are you ready to transform your business?

Book your no-obligation 20-minute online chat to discuss how we can fast-track your journey towards serving more customers in less time.