Go from
‘overwhelm and frustration’ to
‘confidence and control’

You’ll look back and say: “I don’t know how we managed before!”

Introducing the

Microsoft 365 Uplift Microsoft 365 Uplift Microsoft 365 Uplift


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AGContext is your Microsoft 365 uplift partner
This is your fast track to simpler administration, communication and management for your non-profit
or local-community

Your journey to:




By the end, you will be helping more people in less time and uplifting your
mission to make a real difference for your local community.

Is this you?

You are a Director, Executive or Manager delivering important services for your local
community. Your organisation employs less than 100 employees or volunteers.

Every day, you are faced with problems like these:

You’ve lost your team spirit and customer connection.

You made the shift to online because of the pandemic and it hasn’t returned.

You have a lot of trouble with internal communication.

You spend far too much time repeating yourself in both electronic and personal conversations.

Finding and sharing documents is a nightmare.

Files are spread between personal computers, Google Drive, One Drive, and you don’t know where else.

Your staff waste much of their day copying data.

You have too many spreadsheets, and software applications that don’t talk to each other.

You use a fraction of what Microsoft 365 can do

You use Outlook, Word, and Excel in much the same way as you have the past 10 years, but little more.

Your “discount provider” costs a LOT of time..

Low-cost services like Crazy Domains or GoDaddy, get in the way of your teams working efficiently.

All these ‘little problems’ add up.

Then you realize that you and your team are wasting 100s of hours a month on
repetitive and unnecessary communication, administration and reporting!

It’s OK. Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone

And most of all, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

The 3 big reasons people like you are struggling in today’s online world:


Almost 50% of non-profit organisations1 list budget and funding as their biggest challenge. Managers are very cautious about how they spend the little money they have. Decisions are made to sign-up for IT services that are ‘cheap’, but in the end, that only leads to business process that is frustrating, time-consuming and in the end, very expensive.


Almost 50% of non-profits1 say their staff lack confidence with digital technology. When your team is not confident with the tools they have, they won’t move forward. Fact is, working online is a skill that most people in non-profit organisations have never been trained for


77% of non-profits1 do not have a strategy for technology and working online. Fact is, if you’re not in control over your technology, it 3 will be in control over you. You need a digital strategy before you can create an online environment that works for everyone in your organisation.

You have:

So, really, there is only one question you need to answer …

Are you ready to stop wasting time?

Introducing the

Microsoft 365 Uplift

by AGContext

The Microsoft 365 Uplift is a digital transformation initiative designed for non-profit
organisations and local-community business who are making a big difference for the
good people of regional Australia.

Here's how the Microsoft 365 Uplift Journey works:


your digital strategy

Describe where you are right now and make a firm commitment to the journey ahead. Together, we will create the strategy and roadmap that you need to guide your journey towards simpler and more collaborative way of working.


your digital workspace

To make Microsoft 365 really work for your team, it needs to be set up to align with your specific business needs. For example, we need to decide how to best organise your teams, email accounts and files and who should have access to what. It is through good design that we ensure your instance of Microsoft 365 empowers your teams at work.


your Microsoft 365 uplift

Migrate and move your email accounts, files and data onto the Microsoft 365 platform. We will clean up and archive any old records and data that may be clogging up your systems. We also manage the necessary changes to your computers and devices. All with minimal interruption to your staff. This is when your cloud first online workplace will be up and running.


your team's capability

Microsoft 365 is only as good as the capability of your staff and volunteers to use the platform. With your online workspace up and running, we will deliver the essential training that your teams need to unleash the advantages of your newly connected and collaborative online workspace.

By the end of your journey, you and your team will be working with new level of efficiency and 

flexibility that you have probably never experience before. This is when you will look back and say …

“I don’t know how we managed before”.

Digital transformation consulting services - Develop your strategy
Now, to be clear, this is not another:
Furthermore, the Uplift is not suitable for:

This Microsoft 365 uplift is a jumpstart for small-to-medium sized organizations who want to be more productive, efficient, and effective in serving their local community.

Hi, I'm Carl

I’ve been working with the Microsoft 365 platform ever since it was released in June 2011. I founded AGContext just 12 months later, in 2012.

In the 10 years since, I’ve supported many organisations and training hundreds of people to leverage Microsoft 365 at work. My clients include local community businesses, local government councils, state government agencies, industry development associations and the Federal Government’s Bureau of Meteorology. If you want to know more, you can read my case studies , or follow me on LinkedIN.

I am a certified business analyst and also, the Director and Secretary of the Australian Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). I am privileged to have access to the world’s leading practitioners and thought leaders in digital transformation both in Australia and Internationally.

As a Microsoft Partner, AGContext and I also have the inside channel to Microsoft and their network of technical specialists.

The Microsoft 365 Uplift has been developed with knowledge acquired from my international network and refined through my 10 years of applied and practical experience working with non-profit and community organisations across regional Australia.
If you want to tap into my experience, knowledge, and network, all you need to do is book your no-cost, no-obligation initial consult.
Carl Sudholz is your Digital Transformation guide

What others have said ...

Do You Want To Uplift How Your Team Works Online?

The Microsoft 365 Uplift includes:

How much?

The total fee for service varies. It depends on a range factors such as the number of users accounts, volume of data and the digital maturity of your teams. The Uplift is delivered via a fix price contract. So, no matter what, you will know exactly the fee, before any work begins. To get your personalized quote, book your no-cost, no-obligation initial consult now.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Microsoft 365 Uplift is specially designed for executives, directors, and managers of non-profit and purpose driven organisations with less than 100 employees or volunteers. This includes:

  • Not-for-profit charities (NFPs).
  • Non-government organisations (NGOs).
  • Professional and industry development associations.
  • Allied health and disability service providers.
  • Volunteer and membership driven societies.
  • Environmental protection trusts.
  • Social or environmental campaign groups.
  • Sporting clubs and associations.
  • Community-minded small and medium businesses (SMBs).
We know you can’t afford to stop your service delivery while you uplift your systems. We will support your team to prepare for any changes and will be in support as they learn and transition to your new online workspace. We will ensure that any interuptions are minimal so that you don’t lose a single day of productive work.
We certainly value the time of your people and their workload. We use a multichannel approach to upskilling your teams. This includes live workshops, on-demand video training and on the job problem solving. Individuals will learn by doing and encouraged to apply their new skills immediately into their day-to-day work.
AGContext takes a very different approach to Microsoft 365 than your typical IT provider. Our focus is on lifting the collaboration and productivity of your team. We seek to align how individuals work with the capabilities of Microsoft 365, so that they become more effective in delivering for your community focused mission. Your typical IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) will offer a minimum touch service focused only on keeping your computers running. If this wasn’t the case, you probably wouldn’t be reading this far. In any case, we are happy to work in partnership with your existing IT support provider or if you choose, deliver the complete support you require.
This specific program is tailored for Microsoft 365. If Google G-Suite is your platform of choice, please go ahead and book your initial consult to discuss how our transformation consultants can help you leverage G-Suite to boost your productivity.

Are you ready to uplift the way you work online?

Great, your next step is to book your initial consult with Carl.

In this 30-minute, no-cost, and no-obligation meeting, Carl will discuss your specific issues and situation. We will explore if the Microsoft 365 Uplift is right for you and if so, the timelines, costs and next steps.

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