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Microsoft 365 Uplift Journey

Transform the way you work with our Microsoft 365 Uplift Journey. Go from ‘overwhelm & frustration’ to ‘confidence and control’. You’ll look back and say: “I don’t know how we managed before!”

Does any of this sound familiar?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

Here's why you're struggling with productivity while working online


Organisations with an IT plan are far more likely to have a better approach to technology and technology-related decisions.


Working online is a skill that most of your team has never learned. 50% of non-profits say their staff lack confidence with digital technology.


The cloud software that is your online workspace is not aligned with needs of your employees, volunteers and community.

If working online is essential, and you need a digital transformation to create more impact – then the Microsoft 365 Uplift Journey is right for you!

Microsoft 365 Uplift Journey = Create More Impact

The more efficient & streamlined you can be inside the organization, the more impact you can create for the community you’re here to serve.

Simplifying your administration using cloud software like Microsoft 365 can easily save 15 minutes a day, for all your frontline staff. This quickly adds up to a saving of 1000s of employee hours every year. 

Thanks to the Microsoft 365 Uplift Journey, you won’t have to become a technology expert or spend 6 months learning everything about apps like Microsoft Teams. 

That’s because we’re here, as your trusted partner, to help you do what you do best. 

Business process improvement with AGContext digital transformation consulting services

This is what you can achieve in your journey:

This is NOT a course - it's a Transformation

If you’re looking for a 15-hour online course, or a 321-page book, or a group training workshop that is more about theory and less about work, then this is not for you. The AGContext Microsoft 365 Uplift Journey will transform the way you communicate and collaborate with your employees, customers, members, stakeholders and community.

This is a transformation from within your organisation.

How does the Microsoft 365 Uplift work?

This is a journey of of digital transformation.  Especially designed for non-profits and purpose-driven organisations who want to get the most out of their Microsoft 365 online workspace.

The five step Microsoft 365 uplift journey

1. DECIDE your project mandate

We guide your leadership team through a process of understanding all the pieces of digital transformation, and they make a firm commitment to the journey ahead.

2. DEFINE your digital strategy and roadmap

The Microsoft 365 uplift begins with creates your vision of where the digital transformation will take the organisation, and outlines the milestones that will lead you there.

3. DESIGN your online workspace

The whole organisation collaborates to plan out the details of putting the strategy into action - with full awareness of the stepping stones & achievements ahead.

4. DEPLOY your Microsoft 365 uplift

We’ll help you choose and configure the cloud software that best fits your purpose, from the mass of alternatives available on the market. You’ll know you have the right platform in place when it aligns with your people and mission.

4. DRIVE your team capability

Together, we’ll transform the way you work by uplifting your employees’ digital literacy and capability, while refining your processes and policies for maximum productivity in a digital world.

Who you will be working with

Hey, I’m Carl Sudholz, founder of AGContext. For almost 20 years, I’ve been helping non-profits & purpose driven organizations in regional Australia transform the way they work. 

I’ve led and supported digital transformation projects for a wide range of organisations including: Industry Development Associations, NDIS and Allied Health Services and the Federal Government.  

I have two degrees in information science including a Masters of Sustainable Practice from RMIT University.  I am a certified business analysis and Director and Secretary of the IIBA Australia Chapter. 

AGContext is a Microsoft Partner with the expertise you need to transform the way you work. 

Our company mission is:

Helping non-profit and purpose driven organisations leverage cloud software to become more productive and sustainable. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Microsoft 365 uplift journey

We can’t afford to stop our day-to-day operations. How can we do this Microsoft 365 uplift without any major disruption? 

We know you can’t afford to make mistakes.
We’ll be right up there with your staff to prepare and manage for the changes on the job, so that you don’t lose a single day of productive work. 

I’m afraid that my staff will not want to do additional work and spend time on virtual training. How can we do this without demanding too much extra from them? 

We certainly value their time and prioritise their wellbeing. This is why they will work on self-paced learning modules driven by their actual work problems. They will learn by doing and be able to transfer their new skills immediately to their work. 

We already have an IT department and system administrators who should be able to help us. Why should we incur this additional cost?

Truly integrating cloud software with your work requires a very different skillset from traditional IT activities of managing devices, servers & networks. Your IT team is not likely to have the time or expertise for a digital transformation initiative. Instead, we will engage with them as part of the project team we create to lead the initiative within your organisation.

Our organisation is using Google G-Suite, can you help us?  

Yes. However, this specific program is tailored for Microsoft 365. If Google G-Suite is your productivity platform of choice, please go ahead and book your initial consultant to discuss how our transformation consultants can help you leverage G-Suite to boost your productivity. 

My business is not a non-profit, can we access the Microsoft 365 uplift?

Yes, absolutely. We are here to help any purpose-driven organisation or community-minded small business to take advantage of Microsoft 365 in the new world of working online. 

How much does the Microsoft 365 uplift cost? 

The price of the uplift depends on the size, IT setup and capability of your organisation. Go ahead and book your free 30-minute discovery call to discuss the fees, terms &  conditions of your uplift initiative. 

Let’s uplift the productivity in your online workplace!

Book now for your no-obligation chat to discuss the specific needs and requirements for your Microsoft 365 Uplift Journey.

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