AGContext Enlighten

AGContext Enlighten is for people who want to create businesses that are both profitable and sustainable.

Turn Your Data Into Decisions

AGContext Enlighten is an online resources portal for people who want more control over their business systems. Our instructional courses will help you to align your business technology with your people and purpose.  They combine the best knowledge from across the professions of business analysis, information technology and sustainable practice.

AGContext Enlighten will help you to create a more profitable and sustainable in business, by turning your data into decisions.


Who is this for?

AGContext Enlighten is for Owners, Executives and Managers of Small and Medium Enterprises (less than 100 employees), who:

  • want to gain control over their information management.
  • are committed to driving a triple bottom line approach through their business.
  • seek to leave a legacy for themselves, families and communities in the future.


Learning with an open mind is the key to creating a better world.


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Leave the world a better place for future generations.

The purpose behind AGContext Enlighten

AGContext Enlighten is the result of the life purpose of founder, Carl Sudholz. It was the year 2000, when Carl was 21 years old that he first recognized that Climate Change would become the greatest global issue of this century. A few years later, Carl made the choice to dedicate his career to solving this crisis.

To solve this crisis, we must remove from our collective business systems and value chains, those outputs that are accumulating in nature such as carbon, chemicals and plastics. This means being more conscious of the impacts our business systems have on the world. It requires empowering people in business to “think global, act local”. AGContext Enlighten aims to help people in small and medium business to achieve this outcome.

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Carl Sudholz, Founder at AGContext