How leaders of non-profit organisations can create a digital transformation strategy in 12 hours, without spending thousands of dollars on strategy consulting firms

Executives, Directors and Managers: You are running a non-profit or purpose-driven organisation that is making a big difference for your community. Demand is high, but your budget is tight. You need a digital transformation strategy capable of transforming how your teams collaborate and deliver services for your community.

However developing a digital transformation strategy is expensive. Hiring a prestigious strategy consulting firm will cost tens of thousands of dollars. And all you get is words on a page!

Now imagine the time and money you will save when you create your digital transformation strategy in-house!

Introducing the Digital Transformation Strategy Masterclass by ...

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The Digital Transformation Strategy Masterclass is IDEAL for leaders who …

Now is the time to uplift how you and your teams work online. You need a digital transformation strategy that delivers the clarity, confidence and control you need to thrive in today’s online world of connection, collaboration, and community.


Why so many leaders of non-profit organisations struggle with frustrating administration and time-consuming reporting

It’s because of three big challenges1:

Tight Budget

Concerns about money leads to decisions to do things ‘cheap’, but that results in slow and frustrating process, costing more money.

Low Capability

Teams that don't-know-how tend to use and manage digital technology in ways that are redundant, incorrect, and massively underutilised.

No Strategy

Without a strategy for working online, your teams will always end up being frustrated and limited by digital technology, rather than empowered by it.

Yet, the solution is very simple:

You need a Digital Transformation Strategy.


So, really, there is only one question …

Do you have a strategy to take control of the technology in your organisation?


Introducing the 3-Step Digital Transformation Strategy Method specially designed for non-profit and purpose-driven organisations, just like yours.

If you don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on expensive strategy consulting firms, but you do need a digital transformation strategy to guide your business improvement and service delivery, all you need to do is ….


CONSIDER Your Current Situation

Gather all the information you need by completing our digital strategy checklist.


CONDUCT Your Strategy Workshop

Explore your opportunities and options guided by our digital strategy workshop plan.


CREATE Your Digital Roadmap

Prioritise your investment by completing our digital strategy canvas and templates.

Create Your
Digital Transformation Strategy
in just twelve hours

Here is everything you need …

On Demand Lessons

The entire process for creating your digital transformation strategy is broken down into 5 to 15 minute lessons. The AGContext Enlighten online learning environment means that you can track your own progress through the and watch lessons as many times as you like. All videos are produced in high definition, with closed captions, so you can watch no matter where you are or on what device.

Duration: 2 hours

Digital Strategy Checklist And Canvas

Every digital strategy begins from where you are right now. Your organisation has a proud history of delivering services to your community .Right now, you are most likely using a whole range of computers, devices, software, and subscriptions. Your teams are using tools, you don’t even know about. Yet how much of what you have, is truly fit for your purpose? The AGContext Digital Strategy Checklist and Canvas will guide your thinking, so that you can regain control over technology in your organisation.

Duration: 3 hours

Digital Strategy Leadership Workshop

The most important part of any digital strategy is not the words on the page, but the consensus among your team. Developing a digital strategy is a team effort. However, unless you ask the right questions, conversations about digital technology, can very quickly get lost in ‘what ifs’ and ‘how abouts’. By following our digital strategy leadership workshop plan and lessons you can run your own strategy workshop, either face-to-face, or online.

Duration: 3 hours

Digital Strategy Templates

When it comes to a digital strategy, the power is in the thinking and planning. You do not need to waste your time and money on producing fancy documents.  A simple template that covers all the critical elements is all you need. Simply use your digital strategy checklist and canvas to fill in the gaps of our digital strategy templates. Add your company logo and BOOM – your strategy is ready to share with your executive, board, and teams.

Duration: 4 hours

Total time to develop your digital transformation strategy:
(2 + 3 + 3 + 4) hours equals


Yes! You can develop your digital strategy in just 12 hours.

You want to help and support your community and

I'm Here To Help You!


Hi, I’m Carl Sudholz and I’ve been helping non-profit and purpose-driven organisations leverage cloud software, to work online and streamline their operations since 2005.

I truly believe in two things:

First. Massive issues such as mental health, social inequality, equal opportunity, environmental sustainability and reducing emissions dominate our economy and politics. If we are to overcome these challenges and create a better world for all, our non-profit and purpose driven organisations must be effective and efficient in all they do.

Second. Digital technology, specifically, the internet and cloud software and the online workspace, are also critical to overcoming the challenges above. It is only through digital technology, that we can connect, collaborate, and innovate across traditional barriers of distance, education, culture, and context.

Yet, the executives, directors and managers who I talk to are doing amazing work for their communities but are hampered by the costs of distance, or swamped by time-consuming process and reporting.

It all adds up to less services, opportunities, and impact. 

We need to do better!

That’s Why I’m on a Mission

My mission is to help executives, directors, and managers of non-profit and community 

focused organisations to leverage digital technology to be more productive and sustainable.

And if this applies to you, I’m here to help you.

And it all begins with a digital transformation strategy!

Carl’s passion is infectious, and his expertise as a business analyst unparalleled.

Avril Douglass, BEC Business Advice, Wagga Wagga

We Stand Behind Our Practical and Proven Approach

I’ve been helping people with technology strategy for over 10 years. I’m confident in my process. If you follow my steps and guidance you will also succeed in creating a simple but effective digital transformation strategy. This document will empower your organisation to have control and vision for use of technology and ongoing service delivery.

Enrol today, and if you realise that it isn’t worth every last cent of the one-only fee, send us a message and we will arrange a refund.

Why am I so confident?

Because the Digital Transformation Strategy Masterclass is the result of 10 years of applied and practical experience working in the trenches of digital technology, cloud software and business process improvement. It draws from the best of the best of my international network of technology professionals. The lessons have been refined through many thousands of hours supporting, leading, and advising projects for government, multi-national corporations, sports associations, small businesses, and industry development associations. Also, add in a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Sustainable Practice and you are starting to see the foundations and rigor behind the content of this masterclass.

But if you still don’t believe me…

What others have said…

What else do you need to know?

The Digital Transformation  Strategy Masterclass is specially designed for executives, directors, and managers of non-profit and purpose driven organisations. For example:
• Not-for-profit charities, churches, and service providers (NFPs).
• Non-government organisations (NGOs).
• Community-minded small and medium businesses (SMBs).
• Professional, member or industry development associations.
• Special interest, advocacy, or issue-based organisations.

We plan to have all content complete in July 2021.

You don’t need to be an IT expert to write and manage a technology strategy. You need to be very clear in what you want to achieve, so that you can provide direction to the technical experts who will be doing the work. Success in digital technology begins with strategy and ends with people.

In the post-covid digital age, there are thousands of technology and software options available. The ONLY way to make sense of digital change is through a clear strategy that defines your purpose, problems, and potential. Without such a strategy, you will quickly get lost in the never-ending void of digital technology options and promises.

AGContext Enlighten is our custom-built online learning platform, right here on the AGContext website. If you want to check out AGContext Enlighten from the inside, you can register for free (click here). However, to access the masterclass content (when released) you must purchase the pre-release via this page.

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I need your Digital Transformation Strategy Masterclass because I understand the importance of strategy to success in digital transformation. I need to be more efficient and effective in how we connect, collaborate, and serve our community.

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Bonus On-Demand Content

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1. (2020) InfoExchange, et al., Digital Technology in Non-Profit Sector 2020 report

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