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Do more with less by streamlining process, automating tasks and collaborating online

You struggle with internal communication. You can’t find company documents. You have a thousand versions of files and never know which one is the right one. Sharing resources means clogging up your email inbox with attachments.

We can help you migrate to and leverage Microsoft 365. With the support of our digital transformation consultants you can transition onto the world’s leading business productivity platform and uplift your communication and collaboration.

The Microsoft 365 uplift by AGContext will transform the way you work

A better way of working – flexible and connectedImprove cohesion and collaboration of your teams. Spend more time focusing and serving your customers. Empower engagement and collaboration using cloud software and business automation.  Sounds good right?

Create a digital technology roadmap, without spending thousands of dollars. Carl Sudholz will guide you through the AGContext approach for creating a technology strategy. Develop the digital roadmap you need to take control over technology.

Digital transformation consulting services - Develop your strategy

Spend more time with your clients. Reduce the time you spend managing data and reporting by over 90%, and more! Transfer business records from any one system to any other. Safe, secure and accurate. Our aim is to eliminate all data handling in your business.

We can make computers do the work of your data administration. All customised and configured to your specific business needs and goals. This means you can focus on what’s important – delivering for your customers and community.

Business process improvement with AGContext digital transformation consulting services

Make the time to save your timeImagine if you could reduce your business administration, by a day per week, per staff member. Most business process evolves out of an immediate need to ‘get it done’. But  with the demands of customers and employees changing so fast, rarely does the ‘way we do it’, equal the best way to do it.

We can  help you to simplify your business process. Business analysis means understanding your business process and enabling the change needed to implement systems that work. 

business analysis consulting services by AGContext

Your customer, sales and invoice processes are clunky. It feels like your technology gets in the way of effective service delivery. You have lots of data, but no insights for improving engagement and service delivery. Yet, choosing from the 7000 plus customer relationship management tools currently available is overwhelming.

With can create a seamless online engagement experience for your customers. Our digital transformation consultants can identify, evaluate, and integrate the best-fit customer management software for your unique business needs. 

Upgrade your CRM software with our digital transformation consulting services.

Your purpose in business is not managing computers and software. You can’t keep up with the rush of new digital tools and technology. All the techno-jargon turns you off. Horror stories about hackers and cyber criminals makes you very nervous.

We will take care of your Cloud, so that you can take care of your communityWe can manage all your business software subscription and licensing needs. We will also keep your business online with cost-efficient, off-site support. Leave it to us to ensure that your data always safe, secure and accessible.

Microsoft 365 Migration Services by AGContext

Working Online In Ways That Work

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