Why software review websites lead to bad choices

Why software review websites lead to bad choices

Software review websites list hundreds of software products but can your really trust their advice about which is best?

Software review websites promote themselves as tools to help business owners decide which software product is the best for their business. They are an excellent starting point from which to gather information about available software choices on the market today.  Such websites can be very beneficial in helping you to gain an idea of which software product or products might be the right choice for your business.

Should you use software review websites as your basis for deciding which software is best for your business?

The short answer is no!

Any software purchase that you make should suit the specific and unique requirements of your individual business. When evaluating a software product for use in your business, you need to consider the following:

  • why you need the software in the first place
  • whether your people can use the product
  • whether you have the right people to make the product work for you
  • your data capture requirements
  • the capacity of the software to work with your current business model
  • a prioritised list of requirements for the features and functionality of the software
  • the knowledge that one software product cannot do everything

Argh, so much software, so many choices!

Upon searching Google for customer relationship software, I came across a software review website called softwareadvice.com. From this site, I was able to produce a list of 273 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software products, within an hour. This was where I took my first look at the vast array of customer relationship software available on the market today. My future searches became even more refined, until today I realised that there are product review websites for the software review websites! Yes, you may need to read that sentence twice, or go and search for yourself, if you don’t believe me.

Product review websites for software review websites exist to allow software companies to know: where to advertise their software, which websites offer the best deals on promotional advertising of software and what you get for advertising with them.  Immediately we see the first issue with using software review websites – advertising bias.

Quality issues with software review websites

Software product reviews themselves can contain further issues within both their content and production. Issues such as, who the author is and whether their business situation and type match your own unique business situation or type? Pay attention also to the validity of the review. Does a product update solve the author’s issue? Is a one-star rating review now a five star rating review, due to a product update? Indeed, given that software product review websites are also marketing tools, a review may even be written by a software company or a paid professional reviewer to increase the star rating of a product.

So, where do you look now? Is there a better way to select the appropriate software product?

Be confident with a software assessment

A software assessment is an analytical process performed by a Business Analyst. Software assessments ascertain whether your current manual and/or digitised business processes can be performed by a software tool. The results of a software assessment enables the selection and purchase of the most appropriate software tool for your business.  Your business analyst then works with the selected software provider to ensure a smooth change over to the new software that you have selected.

Now, doesn’t that instill more confidence than basing your software purchase on the individualistic evaluation of another ‘possible’ software user?

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Marijke Uebergang
Marijke is passionate about helping people use the timely and accurate collection of data to drive outcomes across the triple bottom line of people, purpose and planet. She has over 15 years’ experience in information management in both public and private healthcare settings. This includes supporting and leading the development of policies, processes, procedures, strategic governance and software development for the management of patient level data: the key driver of hospital funding outcomes. As our education writer, Marijke shares her insights and lessons for leveraging data in business decision making.