Business Systems That Sing

Business Systems That Sing

When your business systems are working in harmony with your people and purpose, your business becomes a great place to work and a fun place to be.

Making business systems work for people

How do we make our businesses systems more profitable and sustainable?

This is the question is at the heart of my career. For over 15 years, I have been working to answer this question. It is for this reason, I fell into the profession of business analysis. Furthermore, this is why AGContext combines business analysis, information technology and business sustainability.

AGContext helps your business systems sing by aligning business analysis and information technology with business sustainability.

The AGContext services niche.

Business Analysis

I think of what I do as helping technology work for people. After all, it takes work, to make our business systems work and more specifically, the work of business analysis. As a certified business analyst, I ask questions about what we want our digital technology to do for us. Then I make it do that thing. It also means managing the change needed to achieve this goal.

The International Institute of Business Analysis is the peak body for professionals like me. In service of my profession, I am the Corporate Secretary of the IIBA Australia Chapter. I enjoy helping my fellow business analysts to grow because I believe this is work worth doing.

Information and Business Technology

I’ve always play around with information technology. I hold a general science degree with a strong focus in software development. During my career with the Victorian Department of Agriculture I lead a project that built a business system for farm cash flow planning.

Over the years, I’ve have gained a deep knowledge for customer and money management tools. I have also collected and developed a range of tools and techniques for enabling business systems to sing. This always begins with having the right tools for the right purpose. What follows is the process of getting the most out of the systems what we have.

In today’s data driven world of business, if we don’t use the right tools in the right way, we gain no benefit. This is why business analysis is such an important profession in this new era of digital business systems.

Business Sustainability

The final piece of this picture is my life-long passion for business sustainability. We have big problems to solve and business is at the heart of it. These include problems like waste and water management, energy and climate change. All are created by the accumulation of wastes from our collective business systems. Every business in some way, no matter how small is contributing to the human destruction of our planet. If this is to change, we need to change our business systems.

Business sustainability is the driving force of my career. It was the subject of study in my Master in Sustainable Practice which I was awarded from RMIT with Distinction back in 2010.

Think Global, Act Local!

For me, ‘Act Local’ means helping people in business to fix their business systems. In the end, if we want to use information technology better, we need to know our businesses better. But since we are going to all this effort to change we can also make our business systems better for the planet.  We can improve profit, people and planet all at once. Yay!

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Sustainability and profitability in business go hand in hand. When we design our systems for the triple bottom line, we can make huge steps forward in sustainable practice. All without any extra incurred costs. When our business is better for the planet, it is also better for people. This means happier employees and customers. It’s a win-win-win.

Let’s Make Your Business Systems Sing

AGContext is the realization of a life-long purpose to answer a simple question so that you can benefit!

Are you getting the best out for the information technology in your business?

If you need to improve your use of customer or finance management tools, then I can help. After all, I’ve been doing it for 15 years and I look forward to many more.

Why not get in touch so that together we can make your business systems sing.

Carl Sudholz is the founder at AGContext and specialist in the integration of information technology within organisations. He holds two degrees, is a certified Business Analyst and a Director of the Australia Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis. Carl’s expertise and experience spans 15 years serving public, private and non-for-profit organisations to take control over technology.