Better customer management for the Solar Tinting Centre in Wagga Wagga

Better customer management for the Solar Tinting Centre in Wagga Wagga

In 2019, Carl Sudholz, founder of AGContext, successfully implemented a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software tool for the Solar Tinting Centre in Wagga Wagga NSW.

The Solar Tinting Centre is a successful family owned business who have been in operation since 1978. Business owners and brothers Rowan and Damian Laurent are always looking for new ways to improve their business systems and customer service.

Business admin taking too much time

Rowan and Damian were introduced to Carl and AGContext when Carl’s wife enquired about windowing tinting of their home.  Rowan visited to complete the quote and got talking to Carl about customer management systems and software.  The Solar Tinting Centre was experiencing a number of issues that meant spending a lot of time doing business administration. Rowan and Damian were using a customer management system built by a family connection for a plumbing business. They also used a combination of paper, white board and Microsoft Assess to manage leads, quotes and jobs. This combination of systems was hard and time consuming to manage.

A CRM for the Solar Tinting Centre

Over the course of four months Rowan and Damian were led, by Carl, through a project of software assessment, data integration and business analysis.

Using the project findings, a CRM software tool built explicitly for the Solar Tinting was identified. The software had been released only 18 months previously and the software company had not yet begun promoting outside of the United States of America.

A software product demonstration was organised, and the software tool was identified as the best-fit for the needs of the Solar Tinting Centre’s requirements. Carl worked with the software company to transfer all historic customer records from the existing systems to the new software tool.

Making the new system work

Unfortunately, the new CRM software did not have the ability to export data for invoicing. This was, however, a core business requirement. To resolve this, Carl worked with the software company to define the problem and design a suitable solution. The software company gratefully responded to our feedback and quickly released the new features. In thanks for their feedback, Rowan and Damian received a gift of two coffee cups from the software company.

Now from website to invoice, the team at the Solar Tinting Centre never once need to enter names or email addresses. Proposals are now sent to customers via email and text message and can be viewed and approved via their smart phone. Leads and quotes are clearly identified, making follow up a breeze by comparison to the old system.

By working with Carl, Rowan and Damian have saved at least 10 hours each week by using a CRM software tool to run their sales and administration processes.

In the words of Rowan,

It has made our quoting, customer management and daily bookings one easy process, and is so much more professional than our previous system”.

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Carl Sudholz is the founder at AGContext and specialist in the integration of information technology within organisations. He holds two degrees, is a certified Business Analyst and a Director of the Australia Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis. Carl’s expertise and experience spans 15 years serving public, private and non-for-profit organisations to take control over technology.