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Empowering purpose driven organisations in the digital revolution

For almost 20 years Carl from AGContext, has been helping people leverage cloud software to make a positive difference in and with their community. Equipping teams and organisations with the cloud software and training they need to communicate, collaborate, make decisions, and solve problems of productivity, people and planet.

Our name, AGContext, was born of the phrase ‘any given context’ because Carl believes that digital transformation is critical to any organisation’s goals, no matter how big, small or unique. Digital transformation is all about aligning cloud software with your skills, culture and business purpose. Or in other words: platforms aligned with people and purpose.

The AGContext network of trusted advisers includes certified business analysts, project managers, change leaders and solution architectures all specialising in arts of digital transformation. We believe in a collaborative approach to problem-solving and the importance of identifying priorities and immediate opportunities for improvement in day-to-day life, together.

We are here to help uplift the capability of your purpose-driven organisation so that you can achieve your mission in the digital future.

About Carl

Prior to starting AGContext, Carl established his career as a digital transformation specialist working for the Victorian Department of Primary Industries. Having returned to his childhood home of Horsham, Victoria in 2005, Carl found himself helping farmers, colleagues and friends, understand the new and exciting internet-based software products built on “The Cloud”.

By day, he was helping the farmers of Western Victoria use early forms of geospatial, decision support and cloud software tools to survive through the 10 year millennium drought, plus bushfires every year and two locust plagues!

By night and weekends, Carl digitally transformed his local cricket club and association.

He also played and umpired in the local leagues of aussie rules football.  Plus a little bit of basketball, gardening, getting married, buying his first house and generally living life.

Driven by his life purpose (see below) and recognising that so many organisations were to make sense of these emerging digital technologies (including social media), he decided to leave his public service job, and start his consulting career in late 2012. Carl’s entrepreneurial journey took him to Canberra and then to another regional city, Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, where he lives today.

In 2015, Carl became a certified business analyst and has since established himself as a global leader in his profession. He is the Secretary and Director of the International Institute of Business Analysis – Australia Chapter.

Since founding AGContext, Carl has since enabled digital transformation projects for a wide range of organisations over the years, including, professional associations, allied health, local retail, agribusiness and federal government.  Today, he is a fountain of practical knowledge and experience when it comes to digital transformation and cloud software.

Carl Sudholz is your Digital Transformation guide


I have been dealing now with Carl for the last 12 months and find the combination of his knowledge, experience, and ability to listen make him the perfect business analyst. I referred Carl to a client who was extremely happy with his advice and said, ‘Carl has given me the tools to look at many opportunities in my business that I did not know existed.'

Paul Brereton, Small Business IT Specialist - Geeks On Call.



Purpose-driven organisations are solving the climate-change crisis.


We help organisations transform to become more productive and sustainable by leveraging cloud software.


Collaborative: We believe that teamwork is key to success in building a sustainable business.

Practical : We believe in simple solutions that empower learning make all the difference.

Sustainable: We believe that the purpose of business is to solve problems in ways that do no harm.

Founded by a life purpose

AGContext was born out of Carl’s life purpose. 

While he was studying science at university as a 21 year old, Carl came to understand how we humans are killing the earth with the greenhouse gas emissions that are a waste product of the way we live. It was clear to him then, that the climate change crisis. would become the biggest global challenge of his lifetime. 

It was later in 2003 during perhaps the darkest time in his life, that Carl made a simple choice that set the path for who he is today. Carl had always wanted to make his life count for something important. Perhaps a result of being born into Generation X. It was in just a moment, that he decided to dedicate his life and career to helping the world to overcome the wicked and complicated problem of the climate change crisis. 

Since the turn of the millennium, Carl has been striving in his unwavering personal mission to do his part in helping the world overcome what is now known as the climate change crisis. To cut a very long story short, some 20 years on since the fateful choice, Carl is now an industry leader, with an international profile for helping non-profit and purpose driven organisations leverage digital transformation and cloud software for making our world a better place.


The climate change crisis is a business problem. All sources of greenhouse gas emissions can be traced back to technology and systems owned and controlled by enterprise. Digital transformation is a key to overcoming climate change, the greatest environmental, economic, or moral challenge of our lifetime.

Carl Sudholz, AGContext founder


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