About AGContext and Carl Sudholz

AGContext are independent business analysts who help small to medium organisations leverage information technology to become more profitable and purposeful.

Be Purposeful

AGContext® is an Australian company helping Owners, Executives and Managers in small to medium organisations transform process and align purpose, without losing control over their service.

Founded by Carl Sudholz in 2012, our company name, pronounced, ‘a-gee-con-text’, extends from the idea that the work we do – business transformation – aligns platforms and people with purpose in any given context.

Our Mission

We help purposeful organisations become more profitable and sustainable

“The purpose of corporations is not to produce profits. The purpose of corporations is to produce profitable solutions for the problems of people and planet.  In the process it produces profits, but profits are not per se the purpose of corporations.”

– The British Academy (2018), Reforming Business for the 21st Century

Our Values


We hold a clear vision for a better future in business and strive to make this our reality.


We place our skin in the game, do the hard things and lead by example.


We create sustainable and evolving systems that connect with value and purpose.

About Carl

Carl is an independent and certified business analyst with almost 20 years’ experience in business information management, process improvement and digital transformation. His passion and talent for information management in business has made him an invaluable part of projects large and small.

Carl grew up in Horsham in Western Victoria and developed his love for the natural world by spending nights staring at the stars and hiking in the nearby Grampians National Park (Gariwerd). He started his working life in the retail sector selling 35mm cameras at the age of 15. Showing a knack for team leadership, Carl found himself in weekend management roles and captain of his under 17 football and A-Grade cricket teams.

In 1998, he left home to study science at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia.

“The world requires people to stand up and prove that business can be conducted in a moral and sustainable way. If not me, who?”

– Carl Sudholz (2002), Personal Journal Entry –

With life purpose discovered and Bachelor of Science complete, Carl returned to his home town to began his graduate career with the Victorian Department of Primary Industries in 2005. For the next eight years, he helped the farmers of Western Victoria use information technology to drive their productivity and profitability in business. During his public service career, Carl received Departmental and Ministerial recognition for his work.

In 2010, Carl was awarded his Masters of Sustainable Practice with Distinction, for his exegesis on how information influences decision making.

During these years, Carl stepped up to new leadership challenges within his local community. In five years as President of the Jung Tigers Cricket Club he led the club from near collapse to becoming one of the largest in the competition with teams in every junior and senior grade of competition. In 2010, he took on a new leadership challenge as Secretary of the Horsham Cricket Association. In his two years in this role, Carl worked with all clubs and Cricket Victoria to implement the full digital transformation of the association including the modernisation of the association’s constitution. All of which serves local cricket in the region to this day.

“The globalised systems of business which have created our modern prosperity, are also causing the collapse of the natural systems that give us all, the gift of life. This isn’t going to end well for us humans. Unless we change.”

– Carl Sudholz (2010), Personal Journal Entry –

Since 2012, when the AGContext journey began, Carl has led and supported digital transformation projects for a wide range of organisations including:

  • Industry Development Associations
  • Allied Health Providers
  • Agribusiness and Food Exporters
  • Local Retail and Hospitality
  • Water Management Authorities
  • Local and Federal Government

Carl Sudholz is an IIBA certified business analystToday, Carl is a leader in his profession and the Secretary of the Australia Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis. Throughout his career, Carl has established an extensive network of business consultants, analysts and specialists. Therefore, when you work with Carl, you also gain access to a worldwide network of independent and trusted knowledge in business analysis and transformation.

Carl lives in Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, with his wife and two dogs. When he is not working from his home office, he enjoys gardening, running and following the Swans in the AFL and Raiders in the NRL.

Ready To Start?

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