Business Analysts For A Sustainable Future

AGContext business systems helps organisations to Think Global, Act Local and implement triple bottom line management to improve their profitability and sustainability.

We help small business use internet software to become more sustainable and profitable

AGContext™ Business Systems is helping people to improve both sustainability and profitability in business, through better information management. We help Owners, Executives and Managers to align their information systems – platforms – with people, purpose and planet.

Business analysts for a changing world

We believe that small and medium sized business is the bedrock of the Australian economy. However, the needs of technology, employees, customers and society are rapidly changing. This means that all businesses, small and large, must transform their systems in ways that not only maintain profitability, but also provide better customer service and have less impact on the environment.

Through our work, we bring together the professions of Business Analysis, Information Management and Business Sustainability. Our approach is founded in the idea that business is a system of systems. This includes information, technology, property, people and much more, all working with enough alignment as to create products and services of value. Therefore, when we seek to make significant change in our business systems we must first understand our sources of production, value and impact. If we don’t, we may end up in a worse off place than if we did nothing. Staying in control over technological and organisational change is exactly what the profession of business analysis is all about.

No matter your specific industry or niche, we can support you to navigate your own Journey of Business Transformation. Our tools of business analysis are designed to help understand any given context in business. Hence, our name AGContext, which is pronounced A-Gee-Context.

As independent business analysts we can help you achieve technology and organisational change in your business.

Carl Sudholz, Founder

Carl Sudholz is the Founder of AGContext. He is an experienced and professional business analyst with 20 years of training and expertise managing information in business. During his career, Carl has completed projects for public, private and not-for-profit organisations. His passion and talent for matching technology to teams has made him an invaluable part of projects large and small. He is the creator and author of the AGContext Enlighten Blog.

Carl holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Sustainable Practice. He is also a certified business analyst and the Director Secretary of the Australia Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis.

Throughout his career, Carl has established an extensive network of business consultants, analysts and specialists. Therefore, when you work with Carl, you also gain access to a world wide source of independent and trusted knowledge in business analysis and technology project management.

Do you want to use information technology to build a more profitable and sustainable business? 


Business analyst Carl Sudholz can help you projectCarl Sudholz is an IIBA certified business analyst

Our Story

In 2013, Carl founded AGContext in service of his life purpose to help the world overcome the number one global challenge of his lifetime: Climate Change.

“The globalised systems of business which have created our modern prosperity, are also causing the collapse of the natural systems that give us all, the gift of life. This isn’t going to end well for us humans. Unless we change.”

– Carl Sudholz, 2010

The Impact Of Business

Our globalised systems of business are having a massive impact upon our earth. Global issues of the environment such as, pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change are all, a direct outcome of our collective systems of production and profit in business. This occurs through production and supply systems that depend on the unrestrained consumption of natural resources as inputs and endless pollution of the natural environment as outputs. Yet, the source of these inputs is limited and the outputs accumulate into the air, land and oceans of our planet.

If we continue in business as usual, sooner rather than later, we the people of earth, will devastate the ecological and planetary systems upon which, our societies and economies depend. Without transformative change of our collective pursuit for wealth and prosperity through business, we will destroy our sources of food, water and wellbeing, and in the process we will take much of life on earth with us.

Our industrialised and polluting business systems of today are sacrificing the health and prosperity of our children and their grandchildren. To continue with business as usual, is both immoral and unconscionable in the extreme.

Climate Change Is A Business Problem

To solve this crisis we must transform our business systems to remove those wastes that accumulate in nature (i.e. carbon, chemicals and plastics) and cause extreme environmental events (i.e. extinction, heatwaves and storms).

While both individuals and governments have important roles to play, it is business who owns and controls the vast majority of industrialised systems that are consuming and polluting the earth. Ultimately, the crisis of Climate Change will only be solved when people in business take responsibility and transform from the inside out, in order to improve both profitability and sustainability.

This is not a problem of Government. It is not a problem of Big Business. This is everyone problem. From individuals, small business, big business, Government and everyone from top to bottom and left to right. There is no pointing the figure at others when it comes to overcoming the climate change crisis. Like it or not, we are all in this together. We each and all play a part in the systems of business that are causing climate change. We can each do something, and some things can be done by all.

Together and collectively, as businesses, companies and organisations, we must change the ways in which the products and services that we value are produced and consumed. We must innovate and implement new systems that reduce waste, pollution and environmental impact.

Nobody is saying this is going to be easy. It is however, inevitable.

The ‘Think Global, Act Local’ Opportunity

Within this crisis in business, there exists a great opportunity for anybody in business who is willing to ‘Think Global, Act Local’.  Regardless of your opinion (or denial), this transformation in business is happening and it will continue. It requires us to look at our business with an open mind, to be conscious of the impact that we create, not just within our own business systems, but also in the bigger picture context. In the end, every business must change something, if we are to collectively remove the root causes of our biggest environmental crisis.

Success, through this global economic transformation, will come to those people in business who hold within themselves, the clarity, control and courage to respond to this challenge.

Our Values


Change is constant. Learning is for life. We stay connected to the bigger picture. We hold a clear vision for a better future and strive to make this our reality. We seek new ways to do business that have less impact upon the planet.


Business is a system of systems. Changes to the way we work and live do not have to result in chaos. Instead, we can transform our businesses from the inside out. Over time, we create a more conscious company through a visionary but controlled journey.


This earth is our past, present and future. We are it’s stewards. Our times demand of us to be daring, creative and to take action. We carry no shame and we hold no fear. We have skin in the game. We empower ourselves to lead and achieve.