Transform The Way You Work Online

Work online and automate tasks so you can spend more time helping people and planet


Enhance Process

Save time by streamlining and automating your customer and finance processes while also eliminating repetitive data entry.

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Enable Teamwork

Uplift communication and collaboration with your teams by leveraging the full capabilities of Microsoft 365.

AGContext _ Digital Transformation_ Consultancy 2

Empower People

Have more impact with your employees and customers by working online in ways that build and strengthen relationships.

Our clients solve problems for people and planet

Purpose driven organisations are focused first-and-foremost on helping people and making our world a better place. They strive to solve problems of people and planet in sustainable ways. Which is exactly why we love to work with them.

Our purpose driven clients include:

We're for more sustainable ways of working

At AGContext, we understand the challenges that digital transformation presents to our clients.  We also appreciate the huge opportunities that working online offers for creating and delivering services in more effective and efficient ways.

That’s why we combine the leading practices in business analysis, change management and cloud-software architecture to help our clients do more with less. We enable our clients to leverage cloud-software so they can maximise their positive impact with their community, while also minimising any negative impacts on our planet.

Our mission is to help purpose driven organisations transform to become more productive and sustainable.

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