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AGContext® are independent business analysts who help people in small to medium organisation leverage information technology to save time, decrease costs and create more impact.

Simple Business Systems


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Carl Sudholz and AGContext are independent business analysts. We help executives and managers of purposeful organisations to:

  • Save days a week by upgrading and automating their customer and finance systems.
  • Decrease costs by working online and serving their customers in new and innovative ways.
  • Double their return on investment from information technology and digital transformation projects.

Work with us to create the simple business systems you need to save time, serve more customers, and create more impact in your business.

  • I have been dealing now with Carl for the last 12 months and find the combination of his knowledge, experience and ability to listen make him the perfect business analyst.
    Paul Brereton - Certified GeekGeeks on Call - Wagga Wagga NSW
  • I spoke with Carl about CRMs and he was super helpful. I hope he can help you too.
    Dominic Loneragan - PhotographerCitizens Content - The Entrance, NSW
  • Carl is very detail orientated and produced excellent results for the company. I was impressed by his positive attitude and quick grasp of some of our technicalities.
    Andrew Brown - Business Improvement SpecialistASB Solutions - Ballarat VIC

Our mission is to help small to medium organisations leverage information technology to become more profitable and purposeful

Match software to your business

Identify and select the best internet software for your unique needs.

Greater customer access & engagement

Go to where your customers are by doing more business online.

Work from anywhere at anytime

Get your work done faster and without the limits of location.

Improve your sustainability

Reduce your environmental impact for your children’s future.

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As a manager of a business with less than 100 employees, you might wonder:

  • Why are these online tools important for my business?
  • What determines my return on investment in software?
  • When should I upgrade or change over my systems?
  • How can these new tools help manage my team?
  • How do I know which software products are best?

This FREE ebook describes our 10 Lessons about internet software that will save time and money in your small business. These principles have been developed and tested through twenty years of experience within both government and business organisations. They are the foundation of all that we do at AGContext.



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