Transform the way you work

We help purpose-driven and non-profit organisations save time and money by aligning cloud software with business goals

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Enhance collaboration

Leverage new channels of communication with your customers, employees and stakeholders.


Reduce administration

Simplify and automate your customer and finance systems from lead to invoice.

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Streamline reporting

Link your data into a single source of truth for simple analysis and insightful reporting.

It’s time to embrace the power of technology and improve the way you work.

Our Digital Transformation Masterclass course is the first of its kind. Designed specifically to help non-profit and purpose driven organisations navigate the digital landscape.

  • Become familiar with the fundamentals of digital transformation.
  • Learn how to implement digital change on a budget.
  • Understand how to uplift your team’s capability with business systems that work.
  • Develop a purpose driven digital strategy
  • Start your next journey of digital transformation on the path to success.

Our clients solve problems for people and planet

Purpose driven organisations exist because they want to make the world a better place. They strive to solve problems of people and planet in sustainable ways.

Our purpose driven clients include:

Create more impact through digital transformation

At AGContext,  we understand the challenges and opportunities that digital transformation presents to purpose driven organisations. We combine the leading practices in business analysis, Agile project management and solution architecture to help our clients do more with less. We enable our clients to leverage cloud software so that they can maximise their impact within their community.

Our mission is to help purpose driven organisations transform to become more productive and sustainable.

Begin your journey of digital transformation

We help you leverage cloud software to save time and reduce the costs of business administration and reporting.

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